Secure America provides you with all your home security needs and more... See below:

24/7 Monitoring service - Our 24/7 monitoring service detects unauthorized entry and helps deter and divert burglaries and malicious intrusions.

24/7 Smoke/Fire Monitoring - A security siren is not enough. Around-the-clock monitoring of your home by trained monitoring professionals provides the most protection for your family and property.

Emergency Response Team - Secure America's Emergency Response Team (EMT) will be dispatched simultaneously with th Police, Fire, or Medical personel. 
Personal Security Products

Personal Safety - From wearable medical monitoring systems to personal location sensors, these small safety devices enable independent living and provide peace of mind to concerned family members and caregivers.

Cellular Alarm Monitoring - The best defense when phone lines fail. Secure America has options available even if you don't have a phone line.

Environmental Monitoring - Protect your family and property with sensors that detect carbon monoxide, water leaks, flooding, and high temperatures or freezing, as well as fire and smoke danger.

Latchkey Services
- You can be notified with an e-mail or text message from Secure America when your child arrives home safely.

Home Controls - A variety of devices are available to control home lighting and enable easier communication with your security system.

Home Video Surveillance - You can record a video of key risk areas of your home, such as pools or carports, and monitor in-home childcare or service professionals while you're away.

GPS Tracking - From child locators to vehicles tracking... our state-of-the-art GPS tracking services will keep you updated with detailed information on the location of you most prized possesions.

Home Network, Internet, & Computer Security - Safeguard your personal information from "cyber" criminals with our variety of home networking an computing products and services.

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